Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The art of looking on the bright side

Was immensely cheered this morning to read a comment on a Japan Today post about the ongoing nuclear emergency in Japan. TEPCO has been dumping low-level radioactive water directly into the Pacific Ocean to make it easier to get at high level radioactive water, which appears to be ALSO leaking into the Pacific Ocean, where there are concentrations of radioactive iodine being found several million times the legal limit... apparently cesium is also showing up. Grim stuff, but the commenter on that Japan Today article, going by the name of Laguna, on April 5th - today - made the observation that, "on a brighter note, this will ironically be fantastic for the ecosystem," since the total mistrust of seafood that will follow on this disaster will likely bring a stop to Japanese overfishing, and possibly lower the demand for seafood worldwide! "My suggestion is to use this disaster as an opportunity to declare most of coastal northeastern Honshu a marine sanctuary." I'm not sure I buy it, but it helped untie a knot in my stomach, so... good stuff!

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