Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Find your candidate, as long as he's not Conservative

Thank you, Toronto blogger Dave Till, for writing exactly the article I would hope to write, tracking down links to provide reasons why Canadians should not vote for the Conservatives. Thanks to Rabble.ca for the nice poster, which can also be downloaded as a printable PDF - see the link.

If you don't already know the candidate for your riding, you can find the information online quite easily. Find the Green Party candidate here, the New Democratic Party one here, or the Liberal one here. (Having looked at all three for my riding, I think I'll be voting NDP, myself, but have put the Green Party first since they are being excluded from the televised election debate). Apologies to the Marijuana Party, the Pirate Party, and so forth for not listing their links, but it seems fairly important that people NOT squander their vote on protests or jokes in this election; we need to oust Harper.

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Not Waving But Drowning said...

Do you remember Hegel? Just take the Ken Doll, with his lack of balls (the thesis), introduce G.I. Joe, which is what he perceives the public as desiring (the antithesis), and you end up with Yours Truly (the synthesis). Just pull the little cord in his back and he'll spout off whatever rhetoric works.