Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Caveat re: Off! Read the fine print!

Hey, folks - just a heads up on the Off! concert on Monday (Keith Morris' return to early hardcore, with Ron Reyes' new band Piggy, The Jolts, and White Lung opening). Y'all have seen the poster around town with the words "Free Concert" on it, right? And I bet most of you thought, "oh, cool, a free show," and read and thought no further about it, spending more time on Pettibon's drawing than the text at the bottom. But in fact, unless you're already on the guestlist, the concert is only FREE for those attentive enough to read the gig poster more thoroughly than that - because if you look carefully (for fine print on a gig poster!) it states very clearly that you have to email the club your name to be added to the guestlist; otherwise, it's $5 at the door.

So send them an email, make sure you're covered, lest you be dinged five bucks! Spread the word!

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