Friday, June 11, 2010

Exhausted, plus Subhumans and Nomeansno in Big Takeover

Maybe I still haven't recovered from my Doc Chad night, but crikey, I'm pooped. No strength to blog or much of anything else. If you're really hungry for my writing, go grab Big Takeover 66, which has the first part of my new, big Subhumans piece in it! (it also has a wee Nomeansno thing I did in it, and a previously unpublished 1992 Ramones interview that I had nothing to do with!).


Anonymous said...

Good article. Did I ever tell you my Subhumans demo story?

Allan MacInnis said...

I actually know who this is, don't I? I guess not many people comment on my blog, if I can discern the identity of a commentor based on so little info...

I don't know if you told me your Subhumans demo story or not, but I sure don't recall! Shoot!

(Going to Filbrandt's booklaunch tomorrow?).