Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dear BCVCO...

Congrats to BCVCO on this evening's Planetarium gig! After Alex Varty's fine Straight piece on the show (which I heard had sold out) there didn't seem any great need to plug the event here, but I do hope it went well; it's a pretty bloody amazing thing that it came together and I do hope it will happen again. Sorry I couldn't have been there, but my exhaustion level this week has been off the grid, and my responsibility-stack is doing nothing to shorten itself of its own accord; I could neither justify nor handle another trip into the city for a concert. Plus who the hell wants to follow up a gig that potenitally trippy and peace-inducing with a two hour commute by bus? If we'd been allowed to sleep in the Planetarium, I'd have brought a blanket and been there, really.

But anyhow, congratulations! (Um, if it happens again, could it be on a Friday night, maybe?).

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