Monday, July 28, 2008

Must See at the Cinematheque

There's a jaw-dropping Charlie Chaplin film at the Cinematheque, a film so dark, morally complex, and beautifully crafted that it has elevated my respect for Chaplin's artistry a hundredfold: Monsieur Verdoux. It plays twice more this week, on Monday and Wednesday night, and I highly recommend seeing it; it will delight you even more if you know little about it, so I will say little, though you can always click that link - to the Cinematheque's site - if you want some idea what's in store. The "little tramp" on Chaplin's shoulder in the image to the left is false advertising, by the way; a bit of physical comedy aside, this film, made in 1947, bears little to no resemblance to Chaplin's earlier comedies. Truly a must-see.

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