Saturday, July 19, 2008

Garnet Sweatshirt?

...the fuck? Any of you heard of this? It's a CD with Brian Goble, Jon Card, RANDY BACHMAN (???) and CHRIS HOUSTON on it, often co-writing songs; I was in Japan when it was released (2000), so I have a pretty good excuse for not knowing about it, but... the fuck? Brian just sold me a copy after his set at Slickity Jim's tonight (imagine: an acoustic version of "For the Common Good," where you can understand the lyrics!). I'm too pooped to listen to it right now, and I must confess that, while I'm curious, my expectations are, um, kinda low (tho' the one song on it solely written by Goble, "One Thing to Fear," was one of tonight's highlights; there are more songs by Goble that I have never heard before than I'd previously realized). I'm kind of shocked to discover this CD exists, without my ever having heard of it before.

Funniest moment of the concert (barring the singalong choruses for "Fuck You" and "Slave to My Dick"): I shouted out an encore request for "Green Acres," and Femke, takin' pics, burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the suggestion, not realizing that it is indeed in Brian's repertoire. She laughed even harder when he started singing it... Good thing I didn't request "Gilligan's Island."

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