Sunday, July 06, 2008

A few internet peeves

Random gripes:

Suddenly, Myspace has banners with tits and "fake chat" imagery everywhere, and gigantic ads for God-knows-what (Toxic Garbage Island?) that slow down the loading time on my creaking "hi-speed lite" connection.

My main page for Hotmail is starting to look like a supermarket tabloid rack (today, headlines pronounce "Lenny Kravitz Consoling A-Rod's Wife?" I have no idea who A-Rod is; I assume "consoling" is a euphemism for "fucking").

Yahoo are getting cagey with their celebrity headlines. They announced today, "The original 'Ghostbusters' cast will appear in the new video game, except for one key star." But they won't tell you who unless you click! I couldn't care less about anything related to Ghostbusters... so why does this headline actually make me curious? The thing is a video, too, so you can't even get the information unless you watch an ad or two... (It's Rick Moranis. I didn't realize he's basically retired from movie-making - his wife died of liver cancer awhile back, so he's a single parent; and he's made enough money that he doesn't really have to act to support himself. He's also released a comedic country album, The Agoraphobic Cowboy. Well. Okay, now I know more about Rick).

I don't like the new design for Znet at all!


DavesGotTheGun said...

it sucks, but mostly all media cant avoid adds.

but if someone offered you money would u put adds on this page? :)

Allan MacInnis said...

Actually, it's called Google Ad Sense or something like that. And I considered it: they'd put banners on my blog and I'd make money. To tell the truth, I signed up awhile back, but once I started to fill out the forms, I didn't follow through; I had the distinct feeling from the questions I was asked that my freedom to do and say whatever I wanted to do and say here would be compromised. Unfortunately, being paid nothing sometimes is the best way to guarantee "creative control..."

I WOULD advertise on my blog if it was me, not Google, who selected the advertisers, mind you. If Scratch or Zulu or the Cinematheque or Videomatica or some cultural institution I supported wanted to stick ads here, I don't see that it would be a problem. (I also have no idea how to go about setting such things up, mind you). But you won't be seeing banners for dating sites and feature stories about Mariah Carey's breasts, tho' - which are also just a form of advertising. Not all advertising is created equal.

(BTW, I looked at your blog - some cool photography!)

Anonymous said...

Install Mozilla Firefox (if you're not already using it), then install the Adblock Plus plugin.

No more banner ads.

Not sure if Firefox 3 is ready for prime time yet, so get

Adblock Plus: