Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Melechesh returns to Vancouver: welcome!

I doubt I will have the jam to make it to the show, but Melechesh plays the Rickshaw tomorrow night, and they deserve at least some sort of welcome to the city. Those unfamiliar with the band should note that they started in Jerusalem, are now based in Amsterdam, and make a unique variety of black metal that draws on non-Christian Middle Eastern sources (which I know next to nothing about; they describe themselves as making Assyrian metal, apparently, and make references in their lyrics to djinni and sphinxes and such). For reasons unclear to me, I haven't been able to get my hooks into their last album, 2010's The Epigenesis, but I absolutely loved their previous release, Emissaries. Those unfamiliar with the band are highly advised to click that link and give them a taste...

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