Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One more time re: Todd Serious

So I'm going to have to stop on the Todd Serious writing for a moment because I'm starting to get pretty bummed out, and I'm not in a position of being emotionally invested enough to, like, cry and release my grief or anything healthy like that - I mean, I didn't really know him - so it's just all sort of sitting there in my gut, which is not so good for me. It's been a strangely intense time, made somewhat frustrating by the fact that normal life goes on like nothing has happened.

Oddly, tho', considering the above, pretty much all I want to listen to right now is The Rebel Spell.

However, two things: there's a note in this week's Straight about the crowdsourcing thing for Todd's funeral.

And the full text of my October interview with him is on their website. I wrote this up F.O.C. earlier this week and donated it to them when I found out about the crowdsourcing campaign. I can't afford to donate anything, am kind of feeling the pinch financially a bit, juggling money here and there to pay the bills and still have a tiny bit of a life, which is getting tinier and tinier and more and more dependent on cadging freebies and such... so this article is my way of showing solidarity. It's all I'll be able to do right now. Hope people like it.

Thanks to Adrian Mack and Bev Davies for their help on this, and for Elliot and Erin, in particular, for being patient with yet another intrusive journalist. My best to all who knew Todd. This is my favourite photo from the Lillooet shoot, by the way. The photographer is one Gabrielle Kingston. Great photos, Gabrielle. Click on this to see it full size.

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