Saturday, March 14, 2015

More to come re: Todd Serious

I spent part of the weekend listening to my last interview with Todd, spent today wearing a Rebel Spell t-shirt (I know the band prefers a "the" in front of their name but it screws it up as an adjective!). I was in Maple Ridge, so there was only one person I ran across who recognized the shirt, and we talked a bit. He saw them at Adstock last summer, thought they were great, and yes, he'd heard the news. There's lots more to be said but it will have to wait. I haven't really been sending out a lot of condolences but his band, his family, those closer to him than I all get my heartfelt... something-or-other. I have no real idea how to express it. The reality that he's gone seems to be sneaking into my brain a fraction at a time; mostly I'm still just stunned.

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