Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Metallica by bev.davies

Over Chinese food prior to the Metallica concert, bev.davies explained to me that she likes her name to appear in lower case at all times, just like wendythirteen. Howsaboutthat, I never knew! (I mean, I knew she did it that way herself, but not that she wanted others to follow suit). She says the period between bev and davies is optional but is thinking of asking everyone to follow this format re: non-capitalization. I would like to apologize for having mistyped her name all these years, and to further apologize for not going back through past blog entries and correcting myself. Henceforth, however: she shall be bev.

Anyhow: bev took some very cool Metallica photos the other night. You can check them out - and see Robert Trujillo's white socks - here. For some reason, her favourite of the photos she took - illustrating one of those really upsetting images I mentioned below - didn't get used there, so bev has sent it along. I mean, for anyone at all claustrophobic, spending seven or eight minutes contemplating people struggling inside coffins is not a comfortable experience! I will remember those images (even moreso with bev's help) for a very long time indeed. Creepy shit!

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