Thursday, August 02, 2012

Foreskins of the world unite!

I gotta shake my head here. There's a group of uncut men who are going to participate, presumably with their willies out, in the Pride Parade, hoping to get some attention to their cause (Foreskin Pride, anti-circumcision). The article in the Straight has drawn some very heated comments from one poster who feels that the foreskin people (whom said poster seems to presume are all straight) are trivializing the event to bring attention to their penises. This seems very, very wrongheaded. I say that if a cause like this can bring straight men into the Pride Parade, where they'll be marching with their peckers out alongside their queer brethren, it's a good thing! Any protest march I've been in always has its splinter groups - I've attended a couple of anti-Iraq-war demonstrations and there were always people clustering under their own little banners ("Free Palestine," that sorta thing), which hardly hurt the main thrust of the march. The Pride Parade is the biggest parade in Vancouver - it can deal with what we presume is a tiny group of men with an agenda of their own.

Besides - they'd look pretty funny joining in an anti-war demonstration...

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