Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wolves in the Throne Room January 15th

There's a reason Godspeed You! Black Emperor picked Wolves in the Throne Room for All Tomorrow's Parties. The band performs a very bleak and mournful Pacific Northwest take on black metal, with considerable subtlety and nuance and a strong connection to the forests and energies of the region (though death seems a powerful presence in their music, more than the generative aspect of nature). I've also seen it said about them that they have a powerful stage presence, an environmentalist angle, and that they'd prefer people to lay on the floor and cry than mosh at their concerts - they're apparently not great fans of the violence of the pit. I must admit that I've been listening to them more than I've been reading about them, so I can't really say much else about them, but their January 15th concert at The Venue - with Ahna and Druden - sounds like its going to be an essential show. Check these guys out, folks...

Meantime... classes have started again, so I may not be so active here for awhile. Or maybe I will. Hell if I know.

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