Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RIP Theodoros Angelopoulos

I only ever saw one Theo Angelopolous film, 1988's Landscape in the Mist, but I saw it twice. I loved it, back in the 1980's, on first viewing - when I was first taking in Tarkovsky and Bergman and Antonioni and such; in the 1990's, when I attempted to revisit it, I was not as enthusiastic. A brief attempt to engage with Ulysses' Gaze on video some ten years ago also was not productive; despite Harvey Keitel's presence, I lasted about fifteen minutes. I have nothing much to say about his cinema, given my narrow and none-too-recent exposure, but he was certainly a major figure in world cinema and his passing - struck by a motorcycle at age 76 - must be noted. Condolences to those who knew him and/or admired his work.

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