Friday, December 16, 2011

Reg Harkema, John Armstrong

Reg Harkema told me awhile ago about his plans to film the Modernettes' John Armstrong's Guilty of Everything as The Rebel Kind. John Mackie just wrote about the film - which starts shooting soon - in today's Sun. Not quite sure why the story is seeing print now, but... cool!


JimmySlattery said...

it's because it was formally announced in the trades as 'go' - Variety, IMDB etc. Also, the Sun doesn't believe anything until it's reported somewhere else

Allan MacInnis said...

Well, I'm pleased it's a go! (By the way, I love the book, man - and I really enjoyed the last "Modernettes" show I saw, at the Ron Reyes bash; I remember thinking the songs sounded oddly Latin-inflected, like Tito Larriva was in the house or somethin'. I wasn't expecting that, but I dug it!).