Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Frustrations continue

Grrr! In order to get Gmail to work properly, I had to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9, and now IT'S all fucked up - bizarre, ugly, unwelcome changes, with half my remembered websites vanished, and a new understanding of tabbed browsing that Makes No Fucking Sense (the URL for the website is in one tab while the NAME of the website is in another, taking up twice the amount of space for the same amount of information and badly crowding the top toolbar, so that opening a third tab seems dubious and a fourth impossible. News to Microsoft: if I can't tell from the URL and the fuckin' page in front of me what website I'm on, having the information on a separate tab isn't going to help). Meantime the upgrade DID solve my previous problem with the "new look" of Gmail (the layout was getting all bungled and overlapped when I tried to reply to a message), but created a new problem, a bizarre and unnecessary dead zone of white space running along the left inner margin (where the messages start); plus the icons for Bold, Underline and such that are supposed to run horizontally across the top of a message I'm typing have a weird tendency to leap into a double spaced vertical formation, so that the message suddenly disappears, leaping a mile below the level of my screen). NOTHING WORKS PROPERLY - or else is designed so badly that even if it is technically working properly, it's a friggin' mess. Would someone PLEASE teach these people the meaning of "leaving well enough alone?" ...or how about that other old saw, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?"
Meantime, now that I've started blogging again, I'm starting to remember why I tried to quit - that sad old feeling that I'm talking to myself, writing words no one reads, while sitting alone in my room in the suburbs. Pathetic! Fuckit, I've gotta get out of the apartment....


Not Waving But Drowning said...

I share your pain. I don't what I hate more---computer issues or telemarketers.

Anonymous said...

well, I read it. So, you know, you are thus vaguely less pathetic.
- Karen