Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dreams of Being Murdered by a Self-Help Cult

I seem to have an active dream life lately. In last night's dream, I had joined some sort of self-help cult to work on my various issues, and was finding myself increasingly uncertain about how the group was run. Various errors and mixups had me feeling like I was in the hands of untrustworthy amateurs; when I was assigned to be partners with a very awkward burn victim who had joined late - which seemed some sort of punishment for my dissent - I decided I'd had enough. My "I" was a bit fluid in this dream, but one manifestation of me, whom I believe was a woman, approached one of the women who administered the group, just as a big challenging event was slated to happen. I explained that I wanted to leave. She threatened to sue me for breach of contract or such if I did, then suggested I was just trying to avoid the big challenging event (which I was, but there were other dissatisfactions, to be sure). I persisted. Soon I found myself drawn aside to talk in private, while the other group members did an exercise, with a man whom I hadn't seen before. He listened sympathetically to my problems - then (by mechanisms I am unclear on) killed me using a poisonous snake, which bit me in the neck.

Some other manifestation of "me" in the dream was investigating this death/disappearance of a group member when I woke up...  Merry Christmas, folks...

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