Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Nyala for Al

Ah, it's just as well that I didn't secure a date for the show tomorrow - I'm exhausted. After taking time off, the second week back at work is always the toughest: my throat is ratched, my bad ankle is achey and I feel mentally and physically spent from having to push myself far harder'n I've been used to. So after work tomorrow - I'm comin' straight back home, here to relax and watch a Lee van Cleef spaghetti western with my Ma. Those of you who actually live in the city and are hungry for an interesting evening of experimental music and Ethiopian food, however, are highly advised to head down to Nyala... show starts at 8. (See the original post a few down for links to bands, etc).

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Allan MacInnis said...

...actually, Ma and I watched Corbucci's MINNESOTA CLAY. Alex Cox describes it very, very well in 10,000 WAYS TO DIE. A very early example of the form - released the same year as A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS - it's not a great film, in fact is a bad film, but has some astonishingly good moments - flickers of brilliance that leap like flecks of molten gold from the screen. Suddenly I want to see more Corbucci's - Cox puts him on the same level as Leone, and this makes his films seem interesting indeed.

...tho' I've also been looking through THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY again, and enjoying it a lot more than I expected... this is really a rich vein to mine...