Saturday, April 07, 2007

For the Record

Avoid Grindhouse. Cute a concept as it is, it left me feeling sullied and stupid, staring blankly at the world like I don't belong here. It's a movie for "them" - the predatory shopping narcissists for whom our consumer culture poses no problems. Anyone with any degree of sensitivity will be depressed and disturbed - it's actually LESS forgivable than Sin City, and as with that film, it's the Tarantino portion that gives the most offense. No matter how numb you are from work, no matter how much the accumulated shit of your life leaves you desiring a soporific, an "entertainment," an escape - three hours of masturbating to internet porn will leave you feeling better about yourself, more refreshed, more inspired. Or stay home, read a book - whatever! But avoid Grindhouse; it's ugly, immoral, cheap, and, worse of all - it just isn't that good.

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