Friday, April 27, 2007

Dear Border Guy

Wow, you guys actually found my blog! (Yes, this is the Allan MacInnis that is sitting out in the car - I'm not the hockey player or the theatre director - tho' I met that guy once, back when he was just an actor! I AM the guy with a bunch of Amazon reviews online, tho'). It's pretty interesting how the internet facilitates security at borders! Just so you know, the horrible photo of me on the right is actually from Vancouver's last Zombiewalk event, where local youths (and a few old horror movie buffs like me) got dressed up and staggered around like zombies through the streets of our fair city, shocking, amusing, and sometimes disturbing the passerby (Pierce Brosnan was in town and actually walked past our little cluster of limping zombies, talking on a cell phone: dude didn't BAT AN EYE). It's sort of a Vancouver in-joke, for me to stick it on my blog as my profile photo - get it?

Mostly what you'll find on this blog is rantings about music and movies that I like. It can tend to be a bit trivial - there are more important issues in the world - but sometimes I manage to tie in a bit of cultural criticism. It will take a little while to weed through ALL the references on the blog and check out if I'm legit (there are about 550 postings), but I really AM going to Seattle to see Iggy and the Stooges play. I haven't seen Iggy (one of my favourite Americans ever) for 20 years, since he opened for the Pretenders in 1986. I was down on the floor at the Pacific Coloseum, among all these young airbrushed middleclass kids who'd come to see Chrissy Hynde sing "Middle of the Road," feelin' quite out of place - though there was one grizzled old guy with a beard and glazed look in his eyes that was shouting at the stage, "Spit on me, Ig!" He did my heart some good, made me feel like I was in the right room. 20 years later, at age 39, I'm not quite at the "Spit on me, Ig," stage, as far as fandom goes, but I AM enthusiastic about this concert...! (And if Ig DID spit on me - well, I'd get an anecdote out of it, anyhow).

Anyhow, good work again, findin' my blog! I promise I will be good in your country... can I come in?

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Anonymous said...

Did you read this post by Terrence Chan about crossing the border into the US?