Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Winks play Dec. 29th!

I have not forgotten the Winks, folks. True, my stint as a Winks groupie flagged after about six or seven shows (or maybe eight if you count the Tights), and I have not seen them nor written much about them in a few months, but my fondness for them remains, as well as my desire to see them succeed at the wonderful, rare, and quirky thing they do... They will be performing on December 29th at the Candy Bar. (Explore the site for MP3s and such). They've been described as doing a sort of baroque pop, though that doesn't really do a lot of justice to the Sonic Youth influences on Todd's mandolin playing. I have reacted to them in different ways at different times but they're usually at the very least an engaging and interesting musical (and visual, since they're pretty fascinating to watch) experience; on a great night they approach a transcencent state, where the audience leave aside being entertained and begin to Believe. What exactly the Belief is that Winks performances engender I cannot say, but in these post-Christian times you gotta believe in something...

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