Thursday, December 22, 2005

Unusual Comic Books

On a short scan of Ethan Persoff's website, which is very cool indeed, I discovered government-produced comic books about heroin addiction and about the invasion of Grenada (anti-communist propaganda distributed by the CIA at the time in Grenada, which is primarily English-speaking; like the Donald Duck comics distributed in Chile during the CIA-sponsored coup that overthrew Allende -- comics Ariel Dorfman wrote about at length in How to Read Donald Duck -- this was not meant for reading in the US). Also got to virtually flip through a charmingly revealing comic advertising udder-friendly milking technology and another on what was called, in the day, "VD" (did "STD" replace "VD" because people don't know what the word "venereal" means? What was the process of replacement? Where did it begin, for instance -- on the streets? In a health clinic? In a government office? On television?). Mr. Persoff, I salute you!

Thanks to David Ashton in Japan for pointing out the site -- he's got a great eye for finding cool things on the internet.

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