Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Ridge Theatre is NOT closing, but St. Paul's might

Just read this in the Straight... The Ridge will continue to be a theatre, is just changing hands.

More importantly: there's a petition to save St. Paul's Hospital from the development-greed that would leave the downtown without this needed and vital resource. Those of you/us who followed the Straight's advice and voted for the somewhat dodgy-seemin' Sam Sullivan based on your/our concern over this issue might want to reinforce your views on the matter by signing the petition located here. (Okay, I admit, I voted for Sullivan, but I've got misgivings... he smiles too well, for one -- slicker even than Jack Layton, who has at least a folksy quality to him. The Straight still seem to be more or less supporting him in the face of an oncoming scandal; those seeking further reading might find this Tyee interview interesting).

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