Friday, December 23, 2005

The Minutemen, D. Boon, a Spooky Synchronicity Involving the Number 23, and Work

Okay, so, dig, the other week I bumped into the good natured, hard-working, and super-competent manager of the school I work at at Starbucks and had a casual chat with her about the music she liked -- mostly classic rock and 80's pop. It struck me as a greatly inspired idea to buy her the Minutemen's DOUBLE NICKLES ON THE DIME -- she ain't hip enough to have heard of it, but she may just be hip enough to appreciate it, and that's the point. A great Christmas gift, right? I handed it to her at work today, in the busy teacher's room, as I was doing my photocopying.

Well here's something spooky: it turns out that today is the 20th anniversary of D. Boon's death, something I never knew about until just a few minutes ago, when I bumped into David "Get Your War On" Rees' appreciation of Boon and the Minutemen, liked off his site. What a day to give this particular gift! I have emailed my manager (with a hopefully helpful bit of background on how the fact this is December 23rd would freak out a certain synchronicity-minded portion of the population, which will, we hope, not necessarily implicate ME in that crowd of people... I haven't dropped acid in years, really!); I am now going to post a comment on Rees' blog.

Meantime, here's to D. Boon (and George and Mike, too, but mostly to Boon). We love you, man. Guess I'll be listenin' to some Minutemen tonight...

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