Saturday, January 09, 2016

Gaspar Noe's Love to screen at the Vancity Theatre

Ooh: Love is coming. In 2-D, mind you, not 3-D, as it is meant to be shown, but I'll take what I can get, eh? The writeup - linked under the title - is quite entertaining in itself, as someone (Tom Charity, perhaps?) takes critics to task for under-appreciating this film. Gaspar Noe is not someone whose cinema I trust much - I agree with those who hold that Irreversible is deeply and problematically homophobic, and even his easiest to watch film, Enter the Void, has a streak of unsettling conservatism (particularly in regard to the abortion; Noe practically rubs our noses in the discarded fetus). But whatever one makes of his politics, there's no denying he's making some of the most arresting and energetic cinema out there, and the idea of him making a big-screen "adult" movie is VERY interesting. Some of the posters actually have ejaculating penises (peni?), and the titles seem to be fashioned out of running sperm. I do want to see this film! (Wonder if it will be more or less entertaining than Nymphomaniac? I've yet to see the director's cut of that... Hmmm).

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