Tuesday, October 29, 2019

And also! Sunday Morning (with Bruce Wilson)

...so if I'm going to write about China Syndrome's new video, I should also mention Sunday Morning's one, too! Quite haunting (or haunted?) and beautiful. It's actually a little outside of my usual realm (unlike Bruce, I didn't mature THAT much past the days of Tankhog; and I never really did get into the Scott Walker thing, much as I respect it. I mean, no one is required to want to listen to EVERYTHING, right? No married man who wants to stay happily married will insist on that!).

...But I mean, I like it way better than, erm, this new Nick Cave album, say! (Which - sorry, sorry! - I also respect but I kinda prefer "King Ink," you know? Like I say about my maturing...).

Still, read my giant feature on Sunday Morning (and Tankhog) here! It sort of prefaces this material a bit. (Maybe I shoulda held off?). Buy the song or read the lyrics or check out other Sunday Morning here.

Note, yeah, it would be better if I did another Straight piece but I just can't right now; I have too much else on the fire, other commitments, etc.

Also: you all already know about Stephen Hamm Theremin Man, right? More to come on that, I think. That I will do a piece one tho' (because I have never really interacted with Hamm much. Sold him a used book once,* been in the same movie theatres with him dozens of times, but that's about it).

Buy and explore his new album here here.**

Personally, I dig Theremins. Actually, what I want to do is put George McDonald and Stephen Hamm in a room together. "Duelling Theremins": has it been done?

Just kidding. Went shopping at Hobo, if you get me. Anyhow, check this stuff out!

(*Anthony Burgess' Earthly Powers. Never read it, myself).

**This is not, like, a paid ad or anything. I'm not shilling; there is no guestlist request pending; I plan to pay for the albums and gigs; this is written strictly because I like and believe in what these guys are doing, a lot. 

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