Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ten year anniversary of Alienated in Vancouver!

Holy crap, have I been doing this for ten years? My first posts are from October 17, 2014, so this blog is five days short of being a decade old. Kinda wow.

For those curious about my following, for the record, 36 people follow this site regularly, and I get an average of around 77 hits a day lately. (It's dropped as low as 60 and been over 150, during particularly productive periods). That's not a lot of traffic, but it consoles me that according to Sitemeter, the average visitor stays 35-40 minutes.

So I guess I'll keep it up.


David M. said...

Good going, chum. It's hard to do anything. Don't stop.

Allan MacInnis said...

Thanks, David!