Saturday, March 23, 2013

SORCERER NEWS!!! Yaaaaaahhhhh!

Good news from the land of cinema! William Friedkin's momentous Sorcerer is finally getting digitized and re-released, presumably with DVD/ Blu-Ray following! (The previous DVD is not in the right aspect ratio, has horrible image quality - this film has been begging for a decent restoration for a long time). See the harrowing, intense bridge sequence in widescreen here, ripped from German television and presented with English audio (a Youtube labour of love on someone's part, obviously). Note: the truck is full of old dynamite, sweating nitro and threatening to blow up at any moment. Music by Tangerine Dream!


Waldo Scott said...

For a double feature, watch it with season two, episode of 18 of Little House on the Prairie. After the crops fail, Pa gets a job transporting a wagon load of nitroglycerine.

Allan MacInnis said...

Thank you, Waldo Scott! For other readers, note: Waldo is not just fucking with me: