Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More censorship: Xxxenophiles, an extraterrestrial anti-semite, and "Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy"

Finally I've found a new online pastime: go to Gomorrahy.com (see a few posts below) and look up provocatively-titled videos and books and such that are prohibited in Canada, so I can find out what they are and whether the decision to ban them makes any intuitive sense at all. Not everything on the lists is of equal interest - I know that I'm not at all interested in bestiality porn, or rape porn, or kiddie porn, or so forth, and have no problem with its censorship, while items like the Ream His Straight Throat series have fairly self-explanatory titles (and it really is of little consequence to me why volumes 2, 3, 4 and 7 are admissable, while 5 and 6 are prohibited). On the other hand,something about  the mere existence of a comic book called Xxxenophile fills me with curiosity and delight. What could it be, and, harmless as it seems after a superficial investigation, why are some of its manifestations banned in Canada? What could possibly be threatening about cartoon depictions of consensual sex with extraterrestrials? Whom, exactly, is being protected from what, and why? The question is puzzling enough that I kinda want to read some Xxxenophile stuff, to get its flavour. Just how humourless IS the Canadian government, anyway?

Today's best discoveries, however, include a pornogrind song that I'll get to presently, and the existence of the extraterrestrial Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, from Pleiades, who orbits earth offering spiritual teachings and. from what I can gather, what appears to be anti-Semitic hate speech, which is why several of his (?) publications have been banned here. Alas, Hatonn doesn't seem to have his own Wikipedia entry, though he is mentioned on what happens to be the most bizarre Wiki page I've ever encountered, dealing with developments in theosophy that I had no previous knowledge of. There is really quite an elaborate list of extraterrestrial intelligences with religious significance to neo-Theosophists, with Hatonn merely being (we hope) the most Jew-hating of them. It is quite disturbing that some people take any such things seriously, as the authorship of that Wikipage and the various institutions that revolve around Hatton prove, but still, if it wasn't for our government's efforts to censor such material, I would have no idea it existed. This raises the question of whether our government is actually bestowing on such publications far more attention and honour than they deserve, by taking them so seriously; I'm sure I'm paraphrasing someone else here, but it seems to me that most functional people will be able to self-protect themselves from exposure to such warped weirdness, while anyone who can't probably isn't safe reading TV Guide.   

Another thing I'd never have encountered without finding it on a censor's list: a pornogrind song called "Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy" by a band called Torsofuck (also the authors of "Raped by Elephants;" I wonder if that one's legal here? There IS bestiality and coersion in it, after all!). The banning of such songs is particularly amusing given that the lyrics are completely incomprehensible growled gurgles; all you really need to do is take away the lyric sheet and these could be songs about baking cookies. Plus, you know - the idea of fantasizing about being covered in diarrhea seems about as banal and harmless as seriously twisted perversions come. If someone wants to write a song about ejaculating whilst being wetly shat upon, I cannot see what possible moral OBJECTION any rational person might have ("Ewww!" is not a moral objection).

Meantime, nor can I see why anyone would really want to LISTEN to such stuff, but I suppose on a slow night, given a lack of more appealing options...

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