Friday, November 11, 2011

Extreme and censored cinema, plus a word I learned tonight: Gomorrahy

Kind of hungry for stimulation this week. A couple of my classes were cancelled due to the holiday and I'm not quite up to writing my final papers (soon!), and my Mom, bless'er, has been on a couple of her casino trips, so I've had some free time. As sometimes happens in the anticlimactic wake of a big burst of writing (submitted four essays of varying length and one Straight article last week), I'm a bit depressed and numb, not sure what I'm doing with my life, not very energetic, not very connected emotionally - hell, I'm even a bit lonely, a bit bored - and so I've been looking for cinema to wake me up, hence my finally watching Cannibal Holocaust. (Actually, I just watched a torrented version of Human Centipede 2 tonight, as well. I promise, folks, I'll buy the DVD when it comes out. It's really quite something, but forgive me if I don't commit as to saying what that something might be). Also watched the South Park episode, "HUMANCENTiPAD," the comedy skit "Human Centipede Anonymous," and torrented and flipped through The Human Sexipede, which, alas, appears to be mostly a normal porno (not that these don't have their uses. Apologies to the fine people who made The Human Sexipede for stealing their film, but I mean, it's certainly nothing I ever would have paid money for, unless it turned out to be some brilliant cult item, which I've now conclusively proven to myself it is not). I've further decided to meet the challenge of watching A Serbian Film (praised by Eli Roth in that link last post) - another film to torrent, because, we gather, the official DVD release in North America is a censored cut.

In the midst of all this, in trying to figure out how to determine if I might be violating any laws by accessing the uncensored version of A Serbian Film, I have learned a new word: Gomorrahy, "the insertion of a hand, a foot, or the stump of a limb (i.e., the insertion of an extremity) into an introitus/vagina or an anus/anal canal, for a sexual purpose." Never have I heard the term before (despite having read at some length about Annie Sprinkle's arrest for making amputee porn with Long Jeanne Silver, getting, essentially, ankle-fucked by her). I guess if adding a Y to Sodom gives us Sodomy, it's linguistically a fair move (though I don't recall any biblical tales of stump-fucking in Gomorrah; maybe they were omitted in Sunday School.)

My source for all this is the website Gomorrahy, which, fascinatingly, offers PDFs of various official lists of "prohibited titles" - books, DVDs, and so forth that are not allowed to be imported into Canada. For instance, on page 3 of the listings for this 2010 report, we learn that the Fuck My Mom and Me series is mostly admissable, while the film entitled Ball Busting and Cock Biting Coeds is prohibited. Unfortunately, no details are given as to why. The provocatively-titled Junkyard Fist Dogs is allowed, but Pussy Torture 8 is not. Even certain works of anime, like Blood Royale, are banned, as are various comic books, like Pet Humiliation Diary, which shows up on a banned list from 2011 (I am somewhat disappointed to see that it's just another Japanese S/M comic; the title took me somewhere else). It's interesting that with so much material freely being transmitted electronically there isn't an official government database to check in with, so that we can see ("gee, I wonder if Zebedy Colt's The Devil Inside Her is legal here yet?"). It's rather amusing that to even find out about such things I have to visit an anti-censorship website...

Hm. I see that there's a film called The Texas Vibrator Massacre that's prohibited in Canada. I bet there's a torrent of it. The trailer is here, a detailed description here... It actually piques my curiosity, as a riff on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. But, well... it's prohibited. Should I let that stop me? (Maybe it's only prohibited if you buy or sell it, while the stealing of it is unregulated? Hmm).

That reminds me, I was reading about Rob Zombie regular Bill Moseley's Texas Chainsaw Manicure movie... Now that's something I should try to find - and I bet it's legal, too!

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