Saturday, November 19, 2011

Monday Night Mayhem!

...sounds kinda like a sports event, dunnit? But no, of course - I'm referring to notorious Norwegian black metal pioneers Mayhem, who play the Rickshaw on Monday (that's the Wiki; their Myspace is here, though true to that site's ethos for the last couple of years, it is apparently currently malfunctioning). I was told at Scrape today that there are still tickets to be had - since, perhaps, people are holding back because, given the band's storied past, they figure the band might not be allowed into Canada (to perform what will be their First! Ever! Vancouver! Show!). Rest assured, tho', ye skeptics, that (-or so I was told) the band is currently IN CANADA, and with no borders left to cross en route to Vancouver, it's lookin' pretty damn likely that Monday's show will proceed. Also performing are Norway's Keep of Kalessin, the LA-based Abigail Williams - named after one of the accusers in the Salem witch trials -  and Polish band Hate. I don't know how I feel about Mayhem's past or their philosophy of life - I don't think I'd enjoy spending social time with'em, God help me - but their music sure is sonically satisfying, and I'm still craving strong stimulation (see below). Check out "Whore" here, for a sample of what they do best.

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