Friday, September 25, 2009

Motörhead News Flash! Mikkey is in!

Photograph by Robert John
Hey, folks! I previously told y'all in my interview with Lemmy in The Skinny, based on then-current information, that Mikkey Dee would not be playing with Motörhead during the October 1st Vogue show in Vancouver. I was more bummed about this than I let on - with all due respect to Matt Sorum, Mikkey's a stunning drummer, and since this may be my only time seeing Motörhead, I wanted to see the proper, current trio (which I think is way, way better than the Fast Eddie/ Philthy Phil lineup, frankly - and might I add that all you people who only listen to Motörhead's first few albums are doing yourselves a vast disservice and should go buy Motorizer and Kiss Of Death promptly, at the very least. Do not be afraid! These are fantastic fucking albums that will in no way sully your appreciation for Motörhead).

Anyhow, GOOD FUCKIN' NEWS: I have just been informed that Mikkey IS joining the band for the October 1st show and will be playing all Motörhead gigs on the tour thereafter! (I wasn't WRONG - it's just that things changed). Phew!
See you at The Vogue, Mikkey!

Photograph by Robert John

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