Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strange Dreams and Jazz

On Monday afternoon, I dreamt while I napped: I am intensely in love with one woman, but in a relationship with another. I do not have the courage to tell the woman I am with that there is someone new. She finds out, and kills my love; she chops her into small pieces and distributes her about the town, in such a way as to incriminate me. I'm devastated, but I also don't want to be blamed for the crime. Since I am living at my parents' current apartment in Maple Ridge when this happens, I am faced with the task of concealing what is going on from them while finding a way to collect all the body parts and dispose of them.

I wake up stunned and troubled, and it takes awhile to get my head straight. Then I go see The Thing with Ken Vandermark. It was PHENOMENAL. I highly recommend anyone who cares about improvised or outside music, or passionate or energetic music, or, fuck, just MUSIC, come to the Cobalt tomorrow for Fake Jazz, where Mats will be doing old school electronica - he quipped while we drove from record shop to record shop that he uses his laptop for email and eBay - and then joining "monster truck" saxophonist Darren Williams, bassist Dave Chokroun, and the other members of Robots on Fire for what promises to be a blisteringly loud, impassioned set. Huge as Darren's sax sound can be - I suspect Mats is going to blow a hole in the ceiling. It will be his last night here.

I have nothin' else to say about the jazzfest for the moment - but I may do something for the next issue of The Skinny... And I will put up some photos, at some point!

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