Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Weird dreams of the Bad Brains

Oh, man. This is kind of an embarrassing dream to relate.

I was at some sort of work function - a party or such. The Bad Brains were playing. No one knew who they were except me.  I had some other duty that kept me from fully appreciating the concert - I was bouncing back and forth between something I was supposed to do and checking out the band - but I was still enjoying myself, getting to dance to "How Low Can A Punk Get" and other classics.

At one point I came back to the stage area and discovered all the other audience members - my coworkers - had left. Then I saw they were huddled in a corner, because they'd cut open a watermelon and were all enjoying it.

I rushed over and grabbed slices and brought them to the band, while they were performing. One slice for each member, setting them on the stage.

Then I got worried that they might get the wrong idea. But they ate the watermelon, and I felt relieved.

After the show, I was gushing to the band, sitting next to them on a long bench. I never thought I'd get to see you guys live - could I interview you? HR - who seemed much younger than he actually is, and quite self-possessed - gave me his phone number; I had some difficulty copying it down. He doesn't seem at all crazy, I thought; then I had a moment of panic: I would have to ask him about his homophobic meltdown with Gary Floyd, Biscuit, and Dave Dictor, back in Austin! Maybe he would get upset! Hell, he would probably be angry to know that I interviewed Gary (see below for link). Maybe he would think I was a "bloodclot faggot," too! He was sitting right next to me on a bench, and I glanced at him and felt fear.

Afterwards, I went to the washroom and saw myself in the mirror. I was wearing some sort of weirdly-fitting top, mostly pink and white, that exposed one of my nipples, and giant shorts that were done up to look like the face of a monster, with eyes and a big grin across the front. They looked a bit like the face of the Ultraman monster I keep in my kitchen, TwinTail (photo from the actual TV series here - best look at his face, though my toy and my dream-shorts have a toothy grin). I stood there, adjusting my t-shirt, trying to see if I could make my outfit fit in such a way that I looked less gay.

I simply couldn't. I think I might have had feathered, highlighted hair, too. (I was also younger in the dream, such that I had hair to feather).

I completely forgot about this dream upon waking, but came to the computer to find an email from Chris Walter where he used the letters HD (we were discussing a point about Harleys) and they reminded me of HR, so suddenly it all sprang back to mind.

Unfortunately, there is no Vancouver date on the Bad Brains current tour, though they will be playing Toronto soon.

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