Monday, March 18, 2013

Michelle Shocked is in no way connected to Darren Williams

Well, what's news? Michelle Shocked (whom, along with everyone else in the world, I have always assumed was a lesbian) apparently had recourse to the formula "God Hates Fags" during a concert in San Francisco recently, relative to her Christian faith. (Apparently the full quote was a bit more complicated; it's hard to get a feel for context from the stories I've read, but it seems her comments tend more towards the Michael-Richards-destroys-his-career end of the spectrum than the Lars-von-Trier-makes-an-extremely-ill-advised-joke one. Maybe they can call up Cat Stevens and form a support group?). I liked The Texas Campfire Tapes and Short Sharp Shocked enough once upon a time that I'm definitely puzzled and disappointed by the story as it's being presented, but I haven't listened to a Michelle Shocked album in about 25 years - have barely heard her name mentioned! - and never was THAT much of a fan, so... it's a bit of a shrug, really. I was more affected to find out that Maureen Tucker had joined the Tea Party...

(Edited to add: though actually, some of Shocked's gospel stuff is pretty good!)

Anyhow, that's what everyone ELSE is writing about tonight, I guess, but I'm here to tell y'all about something completely unrelated: Darren Williams is back in town for a cool avant-sax gig with V. Vecker, March 20th! See poster, below - each man will do a solo set, then square off against each other or somethin'. After that, on Thursday the 21st, Williams reports that he will be playing "in an explodo-free-jazz trio with Dave Chokroun on bass, Kevin Romain on drums at Thor's Palace; guitarist Gord Grdina and drummer Kenton Loewen will also be performing in their duo known as Pink Brown." So that's cool, too.

I can barely go to gigs, I'm not really listening to jazz or noise much these days, I haven't seen Darren since at least the jazzfest last year, and I won't be at the show... but Darren is a nice guy and I've always enjoyed his music and his posters are cool, so why not share it? 

By the way, why is that cock and balls fucking that horn? What is "saxophone intercourse," exactly? No saxes are empoyed, but it kinda reminds me of this, making the rounds on Facebook:

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