Thursday, March 14, 2013


This looks to be an awesome Saturday show, which I might actually be able to see some of...! I talked to Marco of the Dreadnoughts for the Straight about it, dealing mostly with the contributions of photographer/ videographer Adam PW Smith. The band hasn't been gigging or touring much - people have moved, circumstances have changed - but are enthusiastic about doing a Vancouver anti-St. Patrick's Day show again. I asked how the band came 'round to the whole anti-St. Patrick's Day thing, and Marco replied:

“As soon as people realized we had a fiddle, they always thought we were an Irish band, which the first album (Victory Square) kinda was - we were definitely doing kind of a Pogues thing, celtic music with a punk feel to it. But we’ve kind of moved along from that; our second album was kinda Gypsy/ eastern European, and way more heavily focused on the punk side, as well. And then we toured for, like, a year and a half straight, and the more you tour the more new influences you get; so our third full length really turned into, like, a polka album! Anyhow, we’ve spent four of five years making fun of the Irish-wannabe bands that can barely play a mandolin or a fiddle, and just drink Guinness,” Bieri said, chuckling. “So that’s kinda been our market, I guess - though we always play with those kinda bands, because we do have a fiddle, right? Anyhow, it’s the one day a year we can kinda get away with it.”

See y'all Saturday at the Rickshaw, maybe...

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