Friday, March 08, 2013

A kind of irony...

Weird: I reviewed two albums for the Straight this week. One I personally have almost no interest in, though I had to concede it was very well done; I didn't really let on when writing about Polly's debut that I was one of the "why" people that I mentioned, but I was actually covertly expressing my own opinion there: I own not a single album by Bowie, Mott, Slade, T. Rex, or almost any other glam bands, with the noted exception of Eno-period Roxy Music (and Eno solo albums) and a couple of Alice Coopers. Glam - even supposedly good glam - generally strikes me as shallow, image-conscious music, for the most part, and kind of boring; I simply do not care whose main man Telegram Sam might be, and never have.

Still, I couldn't let my own antipathy towards glam - I even thought Velvet Goldmine was a bit of a yawn - taint my review. The Polly CD is a pretty damn good CD, if you like that sort of thing; I simply don't.

On the other hand, I'm on a big Funerary Call kick this month, and not only respected, but totally enjoyed Fragments From The Aethyr, which I have continued to listen to since writing the review.
Funny, then, despite my feelings, to see that the Polly review is at present on top of the heap of Straight CD reviews this week, with 46 likes on Facebook. Reviews written by other writers span the gamut between 2 and 35 likes each.

Funerary Call is at the bottom, with zero likes. Only one other band has attracted so little attention.

Ah, well! I guess people will like what they like. (Fans of Funerary Call and Sistrenatus would actually be doing the band a favour by sharing the review, however; such things directly increase the likelihood of bigger & better articles bein' written...).

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