Saturday, November 09, 2019

Ah, Scorsese

So Martin Scorsese responded in more detail to his comments about about Marvel movies not being cinema, but theme parks.

Along the way, to mitigate that claim, he mentions that for his generation, at least some Hitchcock movies were also theme parks, as a way of demonstrating that, you know, not all theme parks are bad, and that theme park elements have always been an aspect of cinema.

But hey, I've taken an elementary formal logic course or two, and I can assure you he has also just committed himself to the proposition that Hitchcock movies are not cinema.

Marty in a corner. He also talks about the "painful emotions" at the heart of North By Northwest, which are really what keep us coming back, rather than the thrills, but I'm not buying it: at least I go back to that film a) to appreciate the craft (which Marvel films have tons of on display), b) for the historical value (which, granted, comic book movies have little of), and c) for those very thrills (and laughs and such).

The guy should have just left his cranky initial comments stand.

But hey, somehow, the Vancity Theatre has gotten its mitts on The Irishman, Scorsese's new Netflix film! So that's good. I'm looking forward to it. Opens November 16th!


Kevin W said...

I kinda agree with his general sentiment. My take is that while Marvel movies might be fun, can anyone tell which film was made by a given director? They all seem to be products of producer Kevin Feige's mind, rather than springing from any of the actual filmmakers' visions. Which is to say, they're kinda generic, no? (High quality generic?)

Allan MacInnis said...

Sure, they are! I can still be amused that he manages, when defending himself, to topple his own argument, tho'.