Saturday, May 18, 2019

WarBaby to open for Death, plus Beth Harrington and Petunia at the Rio, and Heather Haley

Kirby of WarBaby, by bev davies

With WarBaby opening for Death at the Rickshaw, I did a Straight piece to talk to them about the opening slot at their new EP, Coma Kid (make sure you check out the deeply messed-up rock video they've done for the title track, linked in the Straight article). 

It's one of four Straight pieces I have online this week. There's Death, of course (with expansive outtakes and Sharon Steele photographs here). Another is on Petunia and Beth Harrington, who will be at the Rio Theatre this Sunday to launch the series Petunia is acting in, The Musicianer, complete with a full concert from Petunia and the Vipers. Finally, there's a piece on Heather Haley, who is recovering from a broken arm. It was a busy week! Nothing much else for a little while - I might do something on the Sunday Morning show on May 25th, featuring Bruce Wilson and Stephen Hamm of Tankhog. The rest of my energies are going to be devoted to doing something on Flipper, who will be at the Astoria on June 7th, with David Yow fronting. I'm totally keen for that.

Otherwise, I might focus some of my energies on things other than writing. I've put a lot of energy into this blog (and the Straight website) the last couple months - it's been fun, but I think I need to actually make some money.

Oh: I have a big bev davies feature in the upcoming Big Takeover, with Bob Mould on the cover. I believe it's going to run as a two-parter. Check it out...! 

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