Monday, May 20, 2019

Right, so... hiatus

I have a massive Stephen DePace interview to transcribe, apropos of Flipper coming to town June 7th. It is actually a bit more than I needed or anticipated; I encouraged him to go deep, and he went DEEP... but there are fucking GEMS in his stories, and it's going to be a great piece. I mean, the band's been around 40 years, so he has stories...

You all know Flipper's Generic, right? Start there. It is also called Album, or sometimes Generic Album. The "hit" on it is called "Sex Bomb," and the only lyric besides screaming is "she's a sex bomb my baby yeah." For roughly eight minutes. Only other song that makes such maximal use of a single line of lyric is Neil Young's "T-Bone," which is also fun, but not as fun as "Sex Bomb.")  And you know David Yow is going to be the singer? Of Jesus Lizard? I am very, very interested, but would go even just to check out Ted Falconi playing live; I would like to see what he's doing with my own eyes. (I will transcribe Stephen's description of it, which is fascinating, but meantime, read about him in this interview.) There are some spelling errors, but it's very interesting, especially if you're into noise/ avant-garde stuff.

More to come on that. And I'll be seeing WarBaby and Death this Wednesday, and maybe Sunday Morning at the Fox Theatre on, I think, May 25th? No doubt other good stuff is out there, but I don't have the time to pay attention.

...oh, and then there's the Blue Oyster Cult at Ambleside. I did it, bought a ticket. The Romantics? David Wilcox? Quiet Riot? ...It probably won't be that hard to be amused, to be honest, but I will bring a book just in case. I will do this for the Blue Oyster Cult.

Otherwise, I am on hiatus, I think.

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