Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bruce Wilson, Sunday Morning, and Tankhog

I saw Tankhog once or twice in the early 1990's. I briefly had a group of friends who a) drove - which I did not - and b) were interested in seeing shows at the Cruel Elephant. Most of my "suburban purgatory" youth out in Maple Ridge was spent NOT going to shows, but suddenly I was seeing the Melvins, the Dwarves, the Supersuckers, Love Battery, Facepuller, TAD, the Volcano Suns, Sludge (from Coquitlam!), Superconductor, All, and many others, on almost a weekly basis. I'm pretty sure I saw Tankhog twice. Frankly I barely remember any of those shows, but it was sure fun to talk to Bruce Wilson about tonight's Sunday Morning gig at the Fox. I caught them once, too, at the SBC, and was kinda blown away (for a band with such polished craft in their recordings, I can honestly tellya: they're even better live!). Interview online at the Straight! (Photo credits pending - group shot is by Rd Cane, flatbed shot is bev davies. Thanks to Bruce Wilson and Mike Usinger!

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