Thursday, October 20, 2016

Recent work, needed work, plus bad news re Paul Leahy

Had a few things come online recently that I don't think I've pointed anyone towards. See articles on Huckle and Joey Only for BC Musician; Dirty Spells for West Ender; and Jesse LeBourdais and Bert Man for the Straight online-only.

And speaking of work, is anyone looking for someone of my skills? I've been scraping by on freelancing, the odd ESL teaching gig, and selling off chunks of my record collection, but I could use a straight gig, if anyone has something attractive and interesting (and, um, lucrative?). I'm spread too thin trying to get by in the short term to really get my act together to look for something more long-term right now, but folks, I'm takin' offers.

Just putting that out there.

Also, heard some very sad news about Paul Leahy, who has cancer and is not going to be performing anymore. I have no real inside information save what has been announced on the Polly Facebook page, at present, but it's apparently not looking so good. Polly has some great songs - I'm particularly into "Put a Little English On It," and "Change Yourself," on the Polly page, is pretty cool, too. Glad I got to see Polly once, sorry I didn't do anything to promote the second Polly release (I was kind of being distracted by my own difficult year when it arrived). Might be able to amend that, don't know. Wishing Paul and his family and friends the best, there can be a lot of love and positivity that come even in dark times, hope there's plenty of that around for them...

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