Monday, September 19, 2016

Film vs. life

Well, there's some pretty great stuff happening at the Cinematheque, in this Cinema of Cruelty series, except I'm too preoccupied with other stuff - finding money to pay bills, mostly by selling books and LPs - to do much about it and have missed the majority of it. Could be interesting to revisit the Twin Peaks movie. But I've got no payin' homes for writing about cinema, no sense of dialogue with anyone here or elsewhere... my blog name sorta seems apt when it comes to the Vancouver film community. I also don't understand the changes made to the VIFF and the Vancity Theatre website, which now redirects here; I'm not a big fan of change, actually - usually takes me a long time to catch up with it.

Anyhow, I may sit out the VIFF this year, I don't know. I said this last year. I'm available to write about film, if anyone wants to pay me to do it, but I have plenty of DVDs, a good TV, and a passion for Charles Bronson at the moment, so...

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