Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sudden sickness

Yikes. From having a bit of congestion in my chest yesterday, I've suddenly developed a fever, headaches, a general feeling of weakness, and on top of it all, the shits (four bowel movements in one day). And David's concert is tomorrow, and Mom has insisted - lonely and infirm - that I come visit her in Maple Ridge. Whatta mess. But I think I'm gonna try to go to the concert hell or high water.

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Allan MacInnis said...

Awake at 5am after a night of shivering and sweating on my Mom's couch, but at least my illness has taken a recognizable form: the sudden onset and intensity of it scared me a bit, but now it's looking like typical sore-throat-congestion-etc. Reading the new Lee Child novel, which I will continue presently.

Incidentally, Mom and I watched Die, Monster, Die! last night. It could have been a lot better! Incredibly atmospheric, great locations, cool mood, plus the winning combination of Boris Karloff + a HP Lovecraft source. There are some really interesting/ weird special effects, too, considering the time (1965). But Nick Adams is pretty awful in the lead, turning the American visitor to the British estate where the action happens into an obnoxious, ineffectual twerp, and, even though the film is only an hour and eighteen minutes long, there manages to be a lot of boredom, as people run about the house pursuing one intrigue or another and you wait for something interesting to happen. Occasionally you're rewarded, but mostly it just doesn't work.