Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weird stress dream which I'm trying to do a demonstration lesson for a classroom and discover that no one is listening to me.

Do I take myself far too seriously? I'm suddenly embarrassed - here I am, holding forth ad nauseum about stuff no one much cares about. Don't I know that the way of the internet is to say a) something trivial with b) great wit and verve, while expressing it c) in two pithy sentences or less and then d) posting it on Facebook or Twitter? Whereas here I am, saying stuff that's also trivial, but at great length, with little wit, on a site almost no one reads. What's wrong with me?  I'm like that George Carlin joke about an man who has barricaded himself inside his house: he's "unarmed and no one is paying any attention to him."

Shut up, Al.

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