Sunday, February 26, 2012

RIP Erland Josephson, Lousiana Red

I've had enough of obituaries for awhile, but two people whose work I admire have passed and need no be acknowledged: my second-favourite male actor in Ingmar Bergman's stable, after the revered Max von Sydow, is Erland Josephson, who also starred in Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice and Nostalghia, both of which recently screened at the Cinematheque. He has died at age 88 from complications due to Parkinson's; those wishing to pay respects might want to check out his rather cruel performance as Bergman's doppleganger in The Passion of Anna (a terrible and misleading Americanized title of a very underrated Bergman, which, it happens, is my favourite film to get drunk and feel bitter about life and sorry for myself to, on those rare nights when nothing less will do). Also departed: American blues musician Louisiana Red, dead of a stroke at age 79. It happens - no ironic commentary on death intended - that my favourite song of his is "Dead Stray Dog," which happens to be on Youtube. Check it out...

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