Saturday, February 18, 2012

No blog for now... but a brief mention of Beyond the Black Rainbow and Dead Hooker in a Trunk

Not a good week. First I get sick, then a friend kills himself, then I don't sleep AT ALL the night before a big presentation in class, as my mind flops about all night like a suffocating fish stranded on shore. Plus keeping up appearances with Mom requires a certain energy that I'm havin' a hard time sourcing. Overall, I feel exhausted and stressed and slightly intimidated by the work ahead of me (and frigging sick of the long commutes). Plus I'm missing the Budos Band (how could I?) - that show should be starting about now. At least I have a few days away from school. (It's mid-term break).

There won't be anything else here for a long time, I suspect. One note for film followers - there's a trailer online for a very interesting looking local SF film, Beyond the Black Rainbow, with music by Black Mountain/ BCVC/ Sinoia Caves' Jeremy Schmidt (with some involvement by Josh Stevenson). Makeup by the awesome Kyla Rose Tremblay, who zombie'd me once! I don't really know a lot of other people on the project but it looks really cool.

By the way, speaking of local films, I discovered that in a past zombiewalk, a pair of twins who walked with us were, in fact, the Soska sisters, writer/ director/ stars of Dead Hooker in a Trunk (haven't seen it yet, but they got a positive blurb from none other than Eli Roth, so I'm definitely intrigued).

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