Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog surge!

Heh. This morning, Sitemeter reports that the average number of hits per day on my blog has soared, from a fairly consistent 80-120 range (which it's held for the last year or so - as long as I've been monitoring it) to a whopping 236! (Still not a lot, but by God, it's nearly double the past peak!). What could the explanation be - the Creaking Planks' massive worldwide following, suddenly spurred into action by my post yesterday? The megahit status of Alex Cox's Searchers 2.0?

...doubtful, what? But in the DVD review I did of Searchers 2.0, a couple posts below, I happened to mention, in passing, the names Spielberg, Lucas, Eastwood, Schwarzenegger, and Michael Jackson (the last in reference to pederasty, no less!). Could it be that so many people are Googling these names that their mention alone suddenly DOUBLES the people looking at my site? Could it be? - As if anyone anywhere needs to go out of their way to find information on these people! It's thrust down your gullet at every corner just walking around the mediascape, without actively SEEKING IT OUT! (It's gotta be the activity of teenagers, what?).

At the same time, may I add:

Madonna MILF XXX
Britney Spears blowjob sextape
Lindsay Lohan rehab arrested
Harry Potter Satanic homosexual orgy
Courtney Love meltdown
Taylor Swift (I'm not even sure who she is)
monster truck
free cocaine
Barack Obama is gay!

...let's see what THAT does to Sitemeter!


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Rowan Lipkovits said...

the Creaking Planks' massive worldwide following

Hey, we do have friends all down the Pacific US, and your past coverage often comes up in Google searches of us... but my experience is admittedly that we more have to serve the information up to them than that they come looking for it.