Sunday, October 03, 2010

A few gigs in Vancouver

Finally checked out Funky Winkerbeans on Saturday - I'd stayed overnight. The presence of wendythirteen, Chi Pig, and a host of old Cobalt regulars did more to underscore how much Funky Winkerbeans ISN'T the Cobalt than to make it feel like it was, but it was still a decent venue for a DTES metal gig - a bit nicer than I expected, actually; it was cleaner than the 'balt used to be, at least. In any case, it made for an interesting night, and I caught a great brutal technical death metal band (with a fetching female bassist) called Akakor, from Calgary - they were really exciting to watch, with complex and inventive songcraft delivered with athletic precision and pummelling intensity.

DOA, meanwhile, gave an energetic and well-received set at the Biltmore, with the crowd warmly receiving the newer material and a delightful Stompin' Tom encore of "The Hockey Song," which, for my money, beat the Hanson Brothers version of the same. Joe sang the Subhumans "Fuck You," too - which Brian used to sing when he was the DOA bassist. Nardwuar and I had once had a discussion about whether Joe ever sang that song, so that settled that question. There was a surprise in the audience, too - Randy Rampage was in attendance, and acknowledged from the stage by Joe. I still gotta say it - I miss Randy's exuberant stage presence with that band (tho' last I checked you can catch him with I, Braineater).

X Japan is tonight. I wonder how all the drama and theatrics they bring to the stage will compare with the no-bullshit intensity of Akakor at Funky Winkerbeans? ...I think I'll wear the Akakor t-shirt I bought...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Al,

Sounds like yer having a rockin weekend. Do you want to visit before X this afternoon/tonight? Or in the near future? I would love some help getting the bones of my blog together. A paying gig!

Check this out. Nels Cline talking about jazz music on NPR.

I'm getting my braces on Weds! Augh / Yay! Will send pix.

xx, Jude